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He is known for having a short temper, being extremely competitive, and also is arguably the best midget wrestler in the country.

Growing up in the "trax" of Fremont, California (near Oakland), Kato was an avid sports fan. He excelled in karate, football, basketball, but it wasn't until his father, midget wrestling legend "Lord Littlebrook" brought him into the world of midget wrestling that he truly found his calling.


"My dad was one of the 4 original midget wrestlers. He was there in the beginning of the golden age of midget wrestling with; "Sky Low Low", "Little Beaver" and "Little Tokyo". They were some bad ass little dudes! My dad was very famous back then and ended up in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame."

"I got into midget wrestling because of my father. I was living with him, and he always had at least 8-10 other midgets living with us. He would take them in and "Little Tokyo" would train us how to wrestle. "Little Tokyo" was like "Mr. Miyagi" from the Karate Kid. After the training was done in the morning, my dad would work the hell out of us. He was like a little Hitler. He would have us splitting wood, cutting grass, painting the house, and fixing up his cars. The midgets that worked the hardest in and out of the ring, were the ones my dad would book to wrestle on shows with him. So I learned real quick that I had to bust some ass if I wanted to wrestle."

And so Kato's career in wrestling started. His dad opened up this whole new world to him. Kato worked with wrestling legends such as; "Hulk Hogan", "Andre the Giant", "Macho Man Randy Savage", "Tito Santana', and "Junk Yard Dog". And soon after Kato started to develop a name for himself in the wrestling business. But then 12 years ago while wrestling on an Indy show Kato was approached by Puppet, a charismatic young midget wrestler who was starting his own company.

About Little Kato


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Little Kato is the chiseled veteran of the midget wrestling troupe, The Half Pint Brawlers.

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